What our students and families say about us...

Our children started at Adirondack Taekwondo in the spring of 2013. Sarah, in first grade at the time and Ben who was in Kindergarten. We were looking for an after-school activity that both Sarah and Ben could participate in together.

As a parent it never seems like there is enough hours in the week for learning, enrichment, activity and down-time for the kids. As the primary chauffeur for the family, I struggled with the idea of having to go to various destinations at various times to accommodate both children. Also signing up for a full season of sports or signing an annunal contract seemed like a huge commitment for two small kids just beginning to find their niche.

The introductory course at Adirondack Taekwondo was the perfect solution to all of these concerns! A combination of both physical activity and character develpopment, appealing to both genders, and for an affordable, trial period.

At the end of the four weeks, there was no question that our kids would be continuing on their journey, hopfully to black belt! They love the engagement of the instructors, the fun lessons, and all of the extra activities to entertain and enrich the kids experience. As a parent we enjoy the family atmosphere, the flexible schedule, and the sence of accomplishment our children feel as their skills and confidence grow.

I would (and often do!) recommend Adirondack Taekwondo to anyone seeking an activity for their children. In the Clifton Park area there are many options to choose from, and we have no doubt that we made the right choice for our family.

Kasey Weidman


My children have been attending Adirondack Taekwondo for five plus years. Over this course of time, they have gained countless bebefits from their Taekwondo training. Adirondack Taekwondo has not only improved their physical strength, flexibility and coordination, it has also forsterd self-confidence, discipline and self-control. As a parent, I could not be more thankful for the invaluable lessons and skills that Adirondack Taekwondo has taught my children.

It is also reassuring to know that everytime my children step foot through the door, they are entering a safe and nurturing environment. All the instructors treat every child with respect and kindness. They encourage all the students to do their best, not only on the Taekwondo floor, but at all times. The children are also acknowledged for their accomplishments and effort, which in turn, makes them want to be better.

My daughter earned he Black Belt when she just turned ten years old, and my eight year old son is currently a brown belt. Although some of the requirements were demanding and some techniques were difficult to learn, my children worked hard to accomplish their goals. Adirondack Taekwondo has given my children the opportunity to persever and reap the rewards of their hard work. This is a quality trait that my children will alway have, and it is certain to serve them well throughout their lives.

I would not only recommend Adirondack Taekwondo to any child, I would also recommend it for adults as well. At first, I thought I was too old to learn such a complicated art form, but I decided to step out of my comfort zone and give it a try. Initially, I was intimidated by the mastery level of many of the members, but the instructors did an amazing job at meeting me at my ability level and making me feel comfortable. The members are also tremendously supportive and encouraging.

One of the most rewarding parts of taking Taekwondo here is that I get to share the experience with my children. Together we share a common experience and, hopefully, we will grow together. Fo this reason I am certain that I will always be happy with my decision to pursue Taekwondo.

Mary Jo Satterlee


We are the Paniccias. Our son has been training at Adirondack Taekwondo for three years. He has had such an amazing experience over the last three years. The instructors are so caring, dedicated and encouraging. They truly care about children, and our son has made so much progress over the years. He is currently a red belt, a member of the Black Belt Club, and a member of the Demo Team which he really enjoys. Not only do the students learn Taekwondo as they progress at each belt level, but they learn self-discipline, manners, and are reminded how to be good citizens each day. We love Master Yuhasz's stories because there is always a life lesson to be learned. There is a great family atmosphere here with activities for families to enjoy with their children as well. This is a great place and such a positive experience for children and adults! 


Mr. Yuhasz

Wow! We cannot tell you enough how blessed we were to have you answer our original phone call when we were looking for a Taekwondo School over seven years ago. I have been so happy with how well both my children have done at your school. They could NOT have done better anywhere else. It is a pleasure to come here. It is fun and interesting with all the different things that you and the school have going on. The kids are safe and happy. They grow and learn in a type of family environment that I feel is ideal. This is truly important to us and your family and school are part of that. Thank you for many years!

The Ascenzi’s

Mr. Yuhasz,

I didn't get to talk to you much during the between-class excitement, but I wanted to take a moment to thank you for recognizing Matthew with Student of the Month.  Matthew actually thought that I had turned in the letter confirming that he had eaten his fruits and vegetables, and that he was getting called up for that reason, so he was completely shocked to be recognized as the Student of the Month!  A little girl in the lobby, who is a white belt, congratulated Matthew on the way out, and he was very humble, and blushed with pride!

As we've discussed before, Matthew is often reserved by nature but he is a hard worker, and tae kwon do has really helped him build his coordination and confidence.  I think this recognition is the type of thing that will be a big spark to his confidence.

Thank you again for everything that you and the other instructors do... you are all such a positive influence!  I know Matthew is very appreciative.
Tom Osborn

Dear Mr. Yuhasz,

I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for all that you’ve done for my wife and daughter over the years. I am a very proud husband and father of two black belts.

As the girls prepare for tonight’s graduation, they are both excited and proud. It’s made me think of all the years of work, fun, and preparation leading them to this point. For Cindy, it’s been all about survival. Every class meant pain and struggle, but also a great feeling of accomplishment. She’s had to push herself every moment, but push herself she has done, and now she’s a black belt. It is a huge achievement which would not have been possible without your kindness, care, persistence, and skill.

Elaine, on the other hand, began as a bundle of shyness and nerves. As you may have noticed, she’s no longer the same shy little girl. We can barely keep her in the house! You, Mr. Refino, and Miss Hoffman have been her guiding lights and angels. Although I wish that she was willing to work harder at things she wants, she is now a confident young lady who believes in the tenets of Tae Kwan Do that you have taught her. Additionally, your timing is impeccable! Naming Elaine Student of the Month when she was at an ebb, re-energized her and truly helped her focus. It made her work harder on her forms, running, and exercise. Along with much pushing from her Mom, I believe it made the difference in whether or not Elaine successfully completed her black belt training. It is my hope that she continues on into adulthood with TKD and with you. We are indeed lucky to know you.

As you prepare to move your studio, please let me know how we can help. We’d love to work on the actual move, but are also available for prep work or anything that you need. We’d be honored.

Thank you for your skill, your care, your warmth, your wise counsel, and guidance. You build better people. It is a gift and I and we will be forever in your debt.

With all my gratitude,

Charles Gaynor

Our son Jonathan has been taking classes at Adirondack Martial Arts Center for 11 years. We didn't have behavior problems or any school problems; we just thought it would be fun and different from the usual big team sports. We could not be happier with our choice of sport or school.

I am sure he is more confidant and his legs are stronger but more importantly he has matured into a well rounded young man. He has learned respect for himself and for others. Also, we think the perseverance that is necessary to move through the ranks(belts) is a huge part of Taekwondo and it transfers to school and life. The school has been a constant this last decade. Unlike the football or baseball player who has a new coach every year or so, Jonathan has grown up with the same wonderful group of people all these years. This brings us to the heart and soul of the Adirondack Martial Arts Center, Master Michael Yuhasz. He has a teaching degree, he was an Olympic caliber competitor and he is a loving father and husband. He pours himself into the school and he loves his students, you don't have to have attend the school for 10 years to notice that. He is lucky man because he is doing what he loves, and his students are lucky to have him.

- The Kipp Family

My son was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome which is a type of Autism. Although he is at the high function end of the spectrum he has difficulty with social situations, focus and self esteem. He and his brother are 2 years apart but are very different in likes and dislikes. Having been a martial arts practitioner over the years and being a Guardian AngelI thought that Tae Kwon Do would be beneficial not only to my son with Asperger’s but for both of my sons to grow together and have a common interest. I looked into various schools throughout the capital district and found Adirondack Martial Arts Center. With Mr. Yuhasz having a degree in education and his integration of education, academics and focus into martial arts I thought I would give this school a try. Two years later we are still here, my sons both enjoy tae Kwon Do and practice together at home. I saw a noticeable difference in attitude, posture, focus and inner strength in both of them. Soon after enrolling them in Tae Kwon Do, I read an article put out by the National Society for Autism stating that Tae Kwon Do is very beneficial for autistic children.I could not agree more and would like to thank Mr. Yuhasz, Mr. Morgan, Mr. Refino and Ms. Hoffman for putting so much time and interest in the development of our children through instruction in Tae Kwon Do. I even started lessons and love to come and bond with my boys during the family classes. Together we have all grown and continue to grow as family and martial art students. Thank you to all of the instructors and fellow students who we now consider our martial arts family.

- The R.C. family

I’m sorry I haven’t written to thank you for the Black Belt Test before this. The process and rigor, from training to execution shows the children, adults, and parents what it is to set tough goals and work to achieve them. A lifelong lesson we all should practice more often! I know Evan has grown and matured because of it.

Thank you for your ongoing support, and development of such a great program.

- The Melby family