ADK TKD LIVE is our virtual Taekwondo instructional program that allows all families to practicie Taekwondo in the comfort of their homes.

Students train and gain confidence while enjoying Taekwondo at home or on vacation.

Our virtual program began Monday, March 23, 2020 as a way for our students to continue their training due to COVID-19. Today our online program has become a vibrant aspect of our Taekwondo classes. All lessons are taught with our students safety in mind. Please follow the guidelines below to participate.

In addition to our physical training our students gain the character building aspects that our Taekwondo program has been offering for nearly twenty years. We look forward to sharing Taekwondo with you and your family. Please complete the contact us page or call 518-373-0442 to start your families lessons today.

Children enjoying a fun character building lesson.