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Children Classes

Children Classes

Adirondack Taekwondo offers Professional Taekwondo Classes for children in Clifton Park and Southern Saratoga County. 

Children Classes


Children gain confidence, focus and respect through our Award Winning Taekwondo Program.


Our students are taught proper Taekwondo techniques. Through practice in classes and at home their skill improves and they realize they are more capable and gain true confidence in and out of our Taekwondo School. In just a few short months our students new found confidence and self esteem can be seen.

FocusParents and teachers notice the positive effects of learning Taekwondo has on our students in school.  At Adirondack Taekwondo our students gain increased focus through our Award Winning Taekwondo Curriculum. Taekwondo as a Martial Art builds focus in children through each movement and technique, helping them block out distractions.


All parents we want our children to be respectful. At Adirondack Taekwondo we share valuable life lessons and the character of a true Taekwondo practitioner. Students appreciate and learn Taekwondo traditions that help foster respect and courtesy.