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Adult & Family Classes

Adult & Family Classes

Adult classes are a great way to have a fun workout that will challenge you mentally as well as physically. Plus a great way to reduce stress and boost your confidence.

Are you wondering if Taekwondo is right for you?6 Great Reasons to Start Taekwondo 

  1.  Are you looking for a fun new way to exercise?
  2. You want to challenge yourself mentally and emotionally as well as physically.
  3. You want to relieve stress.
  4. You want to boost your self confidence.
  5. You want to learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones.
  6. You'd enjoy the pride of taking on a new challenge, and learning a new set of skills.

As an added BONUS classes at Adirondack Taekwondo are a great way to spend time with your children as well.

We understand that adults need to exercise more frequently than intensely. That's why we offer beginner classes twice a week in addition to our family classes. Each class helps students gain flexibility, core strength and valuable self-defense techniques.

We look forward to sharing Taekwondo with you in the near future.